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Create Custom Shapes for an Amazing Asian Inspired Abstract Artwork

Creating custom shapes can be a powerful way to add a personal touch to an artwork, and they can allow you to control the composition completely.  While you can use 3D programs for this task, as we have demonstrated in several previous tutorials here on Design.CreativeFan, it’s also great to use Photoshop and Illustrator to quickly create shapes with patterns and 3D styles that are perfect for digital art.

In this tutorial, you’ll be walked through how to create shapes and combine them together to create an amazing Asian-inspired artwork.

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Tools Used:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Final Image Preview:

Step 1 – First, I started by creating a file size of 1407 x 2214 (I usually open an A4 sheet and crop it to a good size.)

Step 2 – Next, I added a Gradient > Radial Gradient.  Here, I choose a gray to white gradient as seen below.

Step 3 – Now, I know what my composition will be, so I added a shadow.  To do this, I pressed F5, chose a soft brush and set the color to black and 30% opacity.  I put some more shadows on the side to give more depth at the bottom, but with the opacity lower.

Step 4 – Next, I used a soft brush to paint a little white down the center of the piece.

Step 5 – Here, I started to add some shapes (three white and one black with a pattern of stripes), which I’ll cover how to create now.

5.1 – Well let’s start with the top shape first.  Take your pen tool to create something like this and paint it black.

5.2 – Then go to Blending Options and enter the following settings:

5.3 – Then I applied this pattern in Soft Light layer mode.

5.4 – Now, our shape looks like this:

5.5 – Then, create a  new layer and make a black ball with your circle shape tool.

5.6 – Then go to Blending Options and enter the following settings:

5.7 – Now, let’s get the white shape, so as before, make a similar shape and paint it white:

5.8 – Then go to Blending Options and enter the following settings:

5.9 – Again, create the ball like this:

5.10 – Then go to Blending Options and enter the following settings:

5.11 – Almost done, now let’s make this shape, do a format similar to the pen tool and fill it with black.

5.12 – Then go to Blending Options and enter the following settings:

5.13 – Again, create a circle:

5.14 – Then go to Blending Options and enter the following settings:

5.15 – Then I duplicated the first shape that we made and decreased the size.

Step 6 – Some more shapes can be made in Illustrator and Photoshop, put some underneath and on top of the main shapes from above.

6.1 – So let’s see how to create some of these shapes.  Well, first begin by creating two white balls with black border, a big ball and a smaller ball using Illustrator.

6.2 – Then we’ll use the Blend tool to create the other shapes.  First click on the blend tool, then click the big ball followed by the small one.

6.3 – Double click on the icon to open the tool options, and choose Specified Steps with 15 spaces.

6.4 – Use the direct selection tool, click on the Points> Convert to round the corners.

6.5 – Then move the way you prefer and voila!. (In my work ”God’ ‘I basically duplicated, turned and inverted the colors of the same object).

Step 7 – It will look something like this with the shapes.  For the shapes I didn’t cover, it’s just a simple matter of using the pen tool and a Gradient Overlay in the layer styles.  Experiment and have fun!

Step 8 – I added some red dots, and a larger center, with a shade of red.

Step 9 – I created a line with the red balls, and added a white shape with a white glow around them.

Step 10 – Apply a 3d elements and delete the parts that you do not want, and then apply a white shadow. I have used the 3D balls from K3nzus, you can find them here: (

Step 11 – Add some red lines, use the Liquify to distort, duplicate, and mirror it, then add a shade of red, and then erase the central area.

Step 12 – Add the symbol in Japanese which means ”God’ ‘in two work pieces, a red ball in the biggest center, and a larger red symbol in the upper right corner.

Step 13 – Work is going well, so this is what we have so far.

Step 14 – I painted several times with the brush near the Japanese symbol, you can use a simple splatter brush.

Step 15 – Now the effects.  Create a new layer and to to Image -> Apply Image.  Next, go to Filter > Brush Strokes> Spatter.  Place the Spray Radius to 13 and Smoothness to 8.

Step 16 – Erase some parts and boat underneath all the shapes and duplicate twice.

Step 17 – Join the 3 layers this way so they fit together.

Step 18 – Place the layers from above under the composition, and we’re done!  Here’s the finished work, you can add a noise in the background, I chose to keep it as is.


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